3-6 Weeks Expedite Total Credit Restoration

We legally remove all bad items, no matter what they are and cloak current debt to balance your credit usage for maximum funding. We offer two guaranteed services: 45-60 Days Expedite Credit Restoration
and 3-6 Weeks Super Expedite Credit Restoration.

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25 Years of Experience and High Rate of Success In Credit Repair

Credit Star Funding uses an associate company with strong legal method to clean any credit report. We use an exclusive law firm with over 25 of experience and an infallible process. Where the credit repair industry fails 95% of the time, we succeeded 95% of the time at cleaning even the worse credit report and cloaking your current debt.

We hear horror stories every day from people who paid money to different consultants or entities to clean their credit report, only to get disappointed and let down. If your credit score is 580 right now and it needs to go to 720 to get the funds you need, it won't happen by taking short cuts. Most times we deliver within 45-60 days. Rarely goes to 90 days depending on the case. To say that we deliver a clean credit report and a higher credit score 95% of the times, is a statement we stand behind.

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