Credit Star Funding has state-of-the-art systems in place to process an unlimited amount of loans in the USA, Canada and Australia.
    Becoming an Agent for Credit Star Funding gives entrepreneurs the possibility to earn in the $1.5 trillion non-collateral personal and business loan industry.
    In the USA alone, every year, 83 million people will apply for a personal loan online. Agents in Credit Star Funding capitalize in this fertile market and can earn more than with other entities because of its faster systems, better commissions, and training. Our patented application and processing systems can reach deeper and faster into lending and banking networks than any other available system online. It works in private mode to bypass filters and online checkpoints, so we can simultaneously and effectively reach more lending institutions, get you much more money than normally would get for better rates.  With Credit Star Funding, you have the following:

  • Better chance to qualify.
  •  More funding choices.
  • More funding choices.
  • Multiple funding deposits.
  • Preparation for future lending options.
  •  Preserve your credit score during the application process.
  • To become an Agent go to: